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My jrock translations

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ZIZ Rooftop Interview Part 3
Life is unpredictable as usual.  I admit that even with previous parts I sort of procrastinated doing this interview because It was slightly intimidating and I was afraid of getting stuck at parts with slang I didn't know or incorrectly translating phrases I wasn't familiar with that can't be found in a dictionary.  But now that I've finally finished it I should have more motivation to translate more often.  Anyway, here's the last part of the ZIZ interview.

If anything, 「to fit」 is important!

  ──When you go into the studio, you don’t just go “1, 2, 3, 4!” and record do you?
  KOZI:That’s right。
  YUGAMI:We don’t play together, we go “I made this~” or have fun continuing to come up with stuff.
the studio, I’m sure there are bands that start with nothing and just
start jamming and go “Ooh!  We made a song.  Nice!”, but that’s not how
we are.  Though there may be songs that we come up with in that way.
 Currently the members all bring whatever they came up with and we just
go “What should I do~?” “Oh!  You came with that!  Then I’ll do this!”
and repeat.

to mention that this time all the songs haven’t been rehearsed yet so
during recordings sometimes we go “Why don’t we do this?”

  ──How long do you spend recording?
  KOZI:Not much really.  We don’t really make anything that’s in pre-production or anything like that.
  Sugiya:1~2 times wasn’t it?
don’t think it’s good to not do it enough, but I also don’t think if it
was done, it was done, is good either.  So I guess you could say we
gamble a lot. (laugh)

  YUGAMI:But it’s always really fresh isn’ t it?
can definitely keep a fresh feeling as a band can’t you?  Now to the
topic of you releasing your first production on 5/29 at Shinjuku LOFT.

  KOZI:...Well, it would be nice if we could release it.
  All:(huge laughter)
  KOZI:Well it’s just that we have songs that aren’t finished yet.  It’s pretty thrilling isn't it? (laugh)
  CHARGEEEEEE...:It hasn’t even been a month since I started recording the drum tracks has it?
  ──How songs aren’t finished yet?
there are only 2 songs that are completely done.  They were all sort of
recorded at a worm’s eating pace.  The rhythm tracks are all finished

  ──And does the final OK have to be from all 5 of you?
  Sugiya:That’s done after we give to the one who’s collecting the recordings. (KOZI)  He doesn’t usually say much though.
  KOZI:Like ‘just bring whatever!!’.  ‘I’ll worry about the rest later’ sort of. (laugh)
  YUGAMI:Like going “Ahh!  Ahh!”? (laugh)
  KOZI:Because putting everything together is the hardest part isn’t it?  Well anyway, we have to go at the fastest double bass pace!
going out there and just doing it without saying anything shows that
you have complete faith in the other members doesn’t it?

  KOZI:That’s right.  I love everyone as people, and as a musician I have faith in them.  ...right?  JIRO-chan?
  CHARGEEEEEE...:”Huhh?”! (laugh)
  KOZI:Were you just sleeping!?
  JIRO:I fell asleep for a little bit! (laugh)
  KOZI:(He looks at the embroidered “to fit” on JIRO’s jacket) Even your responses are “fitting”?
  JIRO:Because whatever it is I’m “fitting”. (laugh)

  Only a live that we can have fun together!

  ──Recording is important too, but you have to rehearse for the 5/29 live don’t you?
  CHARGEEEEEE...:Ahh, that’s right!
  Sugiya:Well, once we get into May should be fine shouldn’t it?
  JIRO:Yeah, it’ll “fitting” then wouldn’t it.
  Sugiya:Really “fitting” huh! (laugh)
  YUGAMI:When we perform at a live it has it’s own atmosphere so it’ll probably be different than recording wouldn’t it?
  CHARGEEEEEE...:Plus we recorded too recently so we have a good feeling in our bodies don’t we?
  ──It would be interesting if you had special foods or special drinks on the day of the live wouldn’ it?
  CHARGEEEEEE...:Ooh, ZIZ food!  Like a ZIZ hot dog? (laugh)
  YUGAMI: Grilled ZIZ, ZIZ stew, fried ZIZ...  You can think of a lot of things can’t you?
  ──Like what kinds of foods would suit ZIZ huh?
  CHARGEEEEEE...:Fried chicken!
  YUGAMI:You just like those! (laugh)
  CHARGEEEEEE...:Well we’re always eating it! (laugh)
  JIRO:ZIZ tofu!
  ──As long as it has ZIZ in the name? (laugh)
  KOZI:Well, we’ll have to think about it until then!
  ──And lastly, this is cliche but please say something about the 5/29 live.
solo and ZIZ are completely different things, but I’m very happy to be
able to go on stage after a long 6 months with the four of them + YUGAMI
after KOZI solo ended in December.  We’ll be doing various things to
prepare for 5/29, so I think we’ll be able to go into it with a bang.
 Please go crazy in anticipation for it!  Awesome~!! (laugh)

this point we don’t know what direction we’re going in, but I think
we’re a band with various possibilities so I believe we can have various
points of view.  We’re looking forward to the live too, but we want to
be able to have fun with everyone.

  YUGAMI:We can only have fun right?  And I hope we can have fun so please look forward to it and come have fun.
  JIRO:I...will “fittingly” do my best, and I’m looking forward to it with all my heart!
  KOZI:I guess I can only say please come to the live, huh?  Will they come?
  CHARGEEEEEE...:Sure they will~! (laugh)

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Oh, thank you so much! I really appreciate all of the time and work that you put into this.

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