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ZIZ Rooftop Interview Part 2
Sorry guys, this was way overdue. 

Their First Produced Work Which Was Influenced By Their Favorite Elements

    ──What kind of music does ZIZ intend to do?
    KOZI:Until now ZIZ above being a kind of band with raw drums, bass, and guitar it also has an electronic sound。
    ──How do you think the much anticipated first album will turn out?
    KOZI:This time、all the members are bringing in songs they all created、so the album will be rich with variety。I think all the members’ favorite elements influence it。To me、they aren’t any specific musical genres。I think those who listen to them will feel that。
    ──In other words、it’s oozing with everyone’s musical roots?
    YUGAMI:There’s that too、but it’s simply what sound everyone felt should be put in that song。I’d like for those listening to judge for themselves。
    ──So、all the members made songs in the image of ZIZ?
    KOZI:Well then、let’s go from CHARGEEEEEE...-san。
    CHARGEEEEEE...: At first it was to write songs for the 5/29 live。We always went back and forth with Ko-chan asking 「How’s this kind of song?」。But、there isn’t really a specific image for ZIZ、so there wasn’t any time where the other members would come up with something and go 「Isn’t this ZIZ!?」。
    Sugiya:We come up with something and go 「I made a cool song! Give it a listen!」。We talked about making a band around December last year、and we started writing songs around the beginning of February、but there was no indication that anyone would bring something in (laugh)。So at first、I tossed in songs I made。Those songs have a heavy rock feel。
    KOZI:A hard sound ne。
    Sugiya:At first I put up progressive metal songs。But、for some reason everyone told me 「Awesome!」。
    KOZI:...for some reason? (laugh)。
    Sugiya:Well、 I didn’t think that they’d possibly be used (laugh)。But then at first、that became an explosive trigger for everyone、and then everyone started putting together songs。So naturally the most fun thing was the incorporation of things like our hobbies and roots、and the variation that came with that。
    ──Since you’re all great buddies、the atmosphere when you’re recording must be nice。
    CHARGEEEEEE...:But、we record drums only and bass only individually。
    KOZI:You know how nowawadays、pretty much everyone communicates through email/text。Even though it’s like that nowadays、the basics are done with analog。Because all of us、are surprisingly analog humans。
    YUGAMI:Cause I don’t know much about electronics (laugh)。
    CHARGEEEEEE...:This time、we had an acquaintance record drums for us、and pretty much everything else we made ourselves。
    KOZI:We did what we’re able to、and everything else we entrusted to a pro。Since we can do up to recording。Because I feel even if the sound may be bad we can turn it around make it work。Although when we don’t understand something、we all make a fuss and say things like 「Wah~! Why is it doing this~!!」(laugh)。
    CHARGEEEEEE...:But、we discovered a lot of things didn’t we。
    KOZI:In order for it to not go bad、we have to discover things don’t we。It’d be a series of disasters if we didn’t。

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Thank you! I was able to meet Sugiya when Moi dix Mois came to America earlier this year, and since then reading anything about him is so...overwhelming!
This is a fun interview, thank you so much for translating it.

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