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ZIZ Rooftop Interview Part 1
I feel like I've been keeping you guys waiting for a new translation for a little while, so instead of posting this all at once when I'm done I'm gonna go ahead and do it in parts as I finish them.

ZIZ Rooftop Interview

KOZI(XA- VAT/ex.MALICE MIZER), who put a close to his solo activity on 12/23/11 at Meguro Rock May Kan and has been quiet until now, has started a new band! They will be having their first live on 5/29 at Shinjuku LOFT。 They will also be selling their first original work。 We have decided to interview ZIZ about their band and the work they are currently recording。 You’ll be able to see everyone’s individual charm apart from the stage。 (interview: Omota(?) Mami+Shiina Muneyuki(?))

    Your Favorite Member as a Person aside from Technique

    ──Firstly、exactly how did you form ZIZ?
    KOZI:JIRO-san、how was it?
    JIRO:What do you think、Sugiya-san?
    Sugiya:No no(laugh)。
    ──Well isn’t this becoming a roundabout(laugh)。
    CHARGEEEEEE...:At first we were backup members for KOZI’s solo activity、with JIRO-chan、Sugiyan、and I…from~that~! Nee、Kou-chan?
    Sugiya:Making others do it for you, are you!(laugh)
    All:(huge laughter)
    KOZI:About 2 years passed with the 4 of them being part of KOZI solo、but it gradually became awkward to call us just KOZI solo。And that quickly blew up in my head、 so I thought I should try making a proper band。Around that time I met YUGAMI-kun、and we decided to add him、so with this there’s no mistaking that this is going to be an awesome band! Thus、with this kind of timing we thought why don’t we start one。
    ──YUGAMI-san was very much your ideal keyboardist。
    KOZI:Hmm yes that’s right。There’s that、and YUGAMI-kun’s been my acquaintance since not too long ago、while we weren’t working on music、we would drink together。And not just him、his (keyboard) playing and such、there’s that of course、but beside all that I like him as a person。Making music with these kind of people、producing something with them is genuinely fun、and I thought it’s nice。
    ──Did you join without hesitation YUGAMI-san。
    YUGAMI:That’s right。Since they were already good friends of mine。In terms of CHARGEEEEEE...-kun and KOZI-kun、I was performing at 『Komatsu Bara Kouji』 as part of DEAD BY TINZ at the end of last year。
    KOZI:That was when we first produced something together ne。
    YUGAMI:Well、 he was an acquaintance of mine since I was in the band I was in before (Tokyo Kuro)、and I met sugiya-san and JIRO-chan and them、and from then we hung out and got to know each other better ne。
    ──If I had to ask、you could say that this is a band that just had to be ne。
    YUGAMI:We get along waki ai ai* ne(laugh)。[he does a waki ai ai pose while saying this and the other members join in as well]
    Sugiya:Cause、we’re all rascals(?)!(laugh)。
    ──Um…that、is hard to put into words(laugh)。By the way、what does the name ZIZ mean。
    KOZI:What do you think、JIRO-san?
    JIRO:Sugi-yan! What’s the origin?
    ──Is this going to be another roundabout?(laugh)
    Sugiya:If I remember correctly、wasn’t it that it’s read the same forward and backward?
    CHARGEEEEEE...:And that it looks the same right side up and upside down, right?
    KOZI:Like 山本山**?
    Sugiya:A word that anyone can say right now ne(laugh)。
    KOZI:Well、a band’s name is like a symbol isn’t it。There may or may not be a hidden meaning。
    CHARGEEEEEE...:You were saying one word is better ne?
    KOZI:It’s easier to remember if it’s short right? And it’s easy to make the logo。Well, if it’s difficult you can’t really remember it ne(laugh)。
    JIRO:Us for instance(laugh)。
    KOZI:With our band name、we might get tongue tied ne!
    CHARGEEEEEE...:ZIZ is easy to get tongue tied with(laugh)。
    KOZI:Ah、you’re right。There’s nothing but consonants ne(laugh)。

Translator’s Notes:
* Harmoniously
** Not sure if it’s supposed to be read as a name or a phrase

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thank you very much for this! <3

i do really appreciate it <3

Thank you very much! <3 Went to their concert last week & it was AMAZING.

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