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Kaya Madame Rosa no Shoukan Lyrics
...has it really been 4 months since I last posted something?  Seriously??  What is wrong with me!?

Anyway, I'm going to stray from Kanon Wakeshima for a bit since I've been more in a Kaya mood.  I'm going to catch up from where I left off with Awilda, so here are the lyrics for Madame Rosa!

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Kanon Wakeshima Heroine Syndrome Lyrics
Heroine Syndrome lyrics have been added:

Heroine Syndrome

Kanon Wakeshima Shoujo Jikake no Libretto Lyrics
So much for my one translation a day. ~_~  Sorry.  I either forget or am just too tired to feel like doing one.  But I must persist!  I don't want to neglect my translations.  Anyhow, I've been wanting to translate this album since it released and I know it's already been translated everywhere else but I'm doing it anyway because it's awesome.  I will be adding each song as I finish them.

果実の警告Collapse )

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Kamijo World Blog 04/03/13

Here is my attempt to start trying to do at least one translation a day.  And as I have mentioned in the past, I no longer translate specific blogs or bands and such.  I translate whatever I feel like, basically, even if it has already been translated elsewhere.  I saw this post of Kamijo's when he first posted it on his blog and thought it was important for anyone who hadn't read it yet to see what he said regarding Teru, Hizaki, Yuki, and Masashi's new band, Jupiter, since it's a given that once the announcement of the band was made, the rumor mill went crazy so I figured why not give the message from the horse's mouth, right?

Congratulations on the start of Jupiter!                




Congratulations on the start of Jupiter!

Their new band got announced didn’t it。

It seems pretty difficult to go solo as an instrumentalist so when I heard the 4 of them would do it together I was relieved。

Soon after I started talking about our hiatus I decided to go solo (though that’s by no means the reason for the hiatus)、

so I think this is the best for all of us now, don’t you。

However、 it’s really regrettable that a part of the media is releasing articles that hint at it being a revamped Versailles with a new vocalist。That makes for an interesting article but it’s harsh isn’t it。

Versailles itself is on a hiatus、so there’s no way that I as the leader would just leave (laugh)

Even if the other 4 have a band、we cherish Versailles the way it was、

so make sure not to give incorrect information ok。

Naturally my relationship with the other members is good as always。

I’m recording for my solo activity too、so I’m looking forward to whatever happens from now on aside from Versailles。

At any rate Jupiter is Versailles’ ‘team instrument’’s new band!

There’s no doubt that they are cool。

It’s refreshing that they’re different from Versailles and have a space image isn’t it。

Let’s support our friends together!

We are Versailles!




                       2013-04-03 16:39:34|Author: KAMIJO

ZIZ Rooftop Interview Part 3
Life is unpredictable as usual.  I admit that even with previous parts I sort of procrastinated doing this interview because It was slightly intimidating and I was afraid of getting stuck at parts with slang I didn't know or incorrectly translating phrases I wasn't familiar with that can't be found in a dictionary.  But now that I've finally finished it I should have more motivation to translate more often.  Anyway, here's the last part of the ZIZ interview.

If anything, 「to fit」 is important!

  ──When you go into the studio, you don’t just go “1, 2, 3, 4!” and record do you?
  KOZI:That’s right。
  YUGAMI:We don’t play together, we go “I made this~” or have fun continuing to come up with stuff.
the studio, I’m sure there are bands that start with nothing and just
start jamming and go “Ooh!  We made a song.  Nice!”, but that’s not how
we are.  Though there may be songs that we come up with in that way.
 Currently the members all bring whatever they came up with and we just
go “What should I do~?” “Oh!  You came with that!  Then I’ll do this!”
and repeat.

to mention that this time all the songs haven’t been rehearsed yet so
during recordings sometimes we go “Why don’t we do this?”

  ──How long do you spend recording?
  KOZI:Not much really.  We don’t really make anything that’s in pre-production or anything like that.
  Sugiya:1~2 times wasn’t it?
don’t think it’s good to not do it enough, but I also don’t think if it
was done, it was done, is good either.  So I guess you could say we
gamble a lot. (laugh)

  YUGAMI:But it’s always really fresh isn’ t it?
can definitely keep a fresh feeling as a band can’t you?  Now to the
topic of you releasing your first production on 5/29 at Shinjuku LOFT.

  KOZI:...Well, it would be nice if we could release it.
  All:(huge laughter)
  KOZI:Well it’s just that we have songs that aren’t finished yet.  It’s pretty thrilling isn't it? (laugh)
  CHARGEEEEEE...:It hasn’t even been a month since I started recording the drum tracks has it?
  ──How songs aren’t finished yet?
there are only 2 songs that are completely done.  They were all sort of
recorded at a worm’s eating pace.  The rhythm tracks are all finished

  ──And does the final OK have to be from all 5 of you?
  Sugiya:That’s done after we give to the one who’s collecting the recordings. (KOZI)  He doesn’t usually say much though.
  KOZI:Like ‘just bring whatever!!’.  ‘I’ll worry about the rest later’ sort of. (laugh)
  YUGAMI:Like going “Ahh!  Ahh!”? (laugh)
  KOZI:Because putting everything together is the hardest part isn’t it?  Well anyway, we have to go at the fastest double bass pace!
going out there and just doing it without saying anything shows that
you have complete faith in the other members doesn’t it?

  KOZI:That’s right.  I love everyone as people, and as a musician I have faith in them.  ...right?  JIRO-chan?
  CHARGEEEEEE...:”Huhh?”! (laugh)
  KOZI:Were you just sleeping!?
  JIRO:I fell asleep for a little bit! (laugh)
  KOZI:(He looks at the embroidered “to fit” on JIRO’s jacket) Even your responses are “fitting”?
  JIRO:Because whatever it is I’m “fitting”. (laugh)

  Only a live that we can have fun together!

  ──Recording is important too, but you have to rehearse for the 5/29 live don’t you?
  CHARGEEEEEE...:Ahh, that’s right!
  Sugiya:Well, once we get into May should be fine shouldn’t it?
  JIRO:Yeah, it’ll “fitting” then wouldn’t it.
  Sugiya:Really “fitting” huh! (laugh)
  YUGAMI:When we perform at a live it has it’s own atmosphere so it’ll probably be different than recording wouldn’t it?
  CHARGEEEEEE...:Plus we recorded too recently so we have a good feeling in our bodies don’t we?
  ──It would be interesting if you had special foods or special drinks on the day of the live wouldn’ it?
  CHARGEEEEEE...:Ooh, ZIZ food!  Like a ZIZ hot dog? (laugh)
  YUGAMI: Grilled ZIZ, ZIZ stew, fried ZIZ...  You can think of a lot of things can’t you?
  ──Like what kinds of foods would suit ZIZ huh?
  CHARGEEEEEE...:Fried chicken!
  YUGAMI:You just like those! (laugh)
  CHARGEEEEEE...:Well we’re always eating it! (laugh)
  JIRO:ZIZ tofu!
  ──As long as it has ZIZ in the name? (laugh)
  KOZI:Well, we’ll have to think about it until then!
  ──And lastly, this is cliche but please say something about the 5/29 live.
solo and ZIZ are completely different things, but I’m very happy to be
able to go on stage after a long 6 months with the four of them + YUGAMI
after KOZI solo ended in December.  We’ll be doing various things to
prepare for 5/29, so I think we’ll be able to go into it with a bang.
 Please go crazy in anticipation for it!  Awesome~!! (laugh)

this point we don’t know what direction we’re going in, but I think
we’re a band with various possibilities so I believe we can have various
points of view.  We’re looking forward to the live too, but we want to
be able to have fun with everyone.

  YUGAMI:We can only have fun right?  And I hope we can have fun so please look forward to it and come have fun.
  JIRO:I...will “fittingly” do my best, and I’m looking forward to it with all my heart!
  KOZI:I guess I can only say please come to the live, huh?  Will they come?
  CHARGEEEEEE...:Sure they will~! (laugh)

Monologue Garden 12/06/12
I apologize for the long silences.  I've been dealing with life as usual and hoping now that I have a new job I can gradually fall back into the swing of things.  And I know I haven't finished the ZIZ interview (is anyone still wanting to read that?), but I just had to share this.  I just happened to catch Kamijo's tweet about this and had to translate it because I love when my favorite jrockers do stuff together.

† Aesthetic Discussion

The other day、in anticipation for the December live I ate unagi。

who knows I like unagi、said
「I really want you to eat at this unagi place with me〜!」
to me before、so we finally made that a reality。
With Kamijo’s guidance we proceeded to the unagi place、

and what is this!

As expected、it would only be the sort of place aesthetic Kamijio would recommend、
as the interior was artistic and modern and beautiful!
If you recline on the red sofa and gaze out the window
it already looks like another country…it’s a beautiful location。

While being lured by the atmosphere、
I’m met by the fragrance of cooked unagi!
As expected, not steamed eel is much better ne!


While having our fill of unagi、
the flower of our coversation about IT innovations and sound production

And then、suddenly、Kamijo asked

「Mana-sama liked sexy* clothes ne?」

For a moment、  ( ゚д゚) huh!? with distant eyes…
It had been a long time since I heard that word、isn’t it a dead language?

Though I did wear skin tight enamel fashion

When I asked him ‘Why do you ask?’、

he said 「Because I remember you like that ne〜」、

Is Kamijo is still in that bubble of illusions…
It’s a mystery。

I have been talking to various people
to make sure I’m remembering things for my autobiographical writings recently but、
people’s memories、are definitely ambiguous things…

So I said something like
‘Knee socks with mini skirts right!?’
then、Kamijio said 「I’m a leg guy〜
When you had the tight things on…」
…the rest to everyone’s imagination please。 <(_ _*)>

As a result、with aesthetics and eroticism、
we try to get pumped up (^O^)ah ha ha!!
and are slightly drunk…

After that we went to a stylish bar
and、I had a slightly bittersweet spumojito。
As expected Kamijo is an aesthetic!
He was drinking wine。

And、the log of the night descended…


2012/12/06(Thur) 19:26:17

Translator’s Notes:
* Kamijo used an old word from the 80’s and 90’s that meant sexually flattering skin tight clothes

ZIZ Rooftop Interview Part 2
Sorry guys, this was way overdue. 

Their First Produced Work Which Was Influenced By Their Favorite Elements

    ──What kind of music does ZIZ intend to do?
    KOZI:Until now ZIZ above being a kind of band with raw drums, bass, and guitar it also has an electronic sound。
    ──How do you think the much anticipated first album will turn out?
    KOZI:This time、all the members are bringing in songs they all created、so the album will be rich with variety。I think all the members’ favorite elements influence it。To me、they aren’t any specific musical genres。I think those who listen to them will feel that。
    ──In other words、it’s oozing with everyone’s musical roots?
    YUGAMI:There’s that too、but it’s simply what sound everyone felt should be put in that song。I’d like for those listening to judge for themselves。
    ──So、all the members made songs in the image of ZIZ?
    KOZI:Well then、let’s go from CHARGEEEEEE...-san。
    CHARGEEEEEE...: At first it was to write songs for the 5/29 live。We always went back and forth with Ko-chan asking 「How’s this kind of song?」。But、there isn’t really a specific image for ZIZ、so there wasn’t any time where the other members would come up with something and go 「Isn’t this ZIZ!?」。
    Sugiya:We come up with something and go 「I made a cool song! Give it a listen!」。We talked about making a band around December last year、and we started writing songs around the beginning of February、but there was no indication that anyone would bring something in (laugh)。So at first、I tossed in songs I made。Those songs have a heavy rock feel。
    KOZI:A hard sound ne。
    Sugiya:At first I put up progressive metal songs。But、for some reason everyone told me 「Awesome!」。
    KOZI:...for some reason? (laugh)。
    Sugiya:Well、 I didn’t think that they’d possibly be used (laugh)。But then at first、that became an explosive trigger for everyone、and then everyone started putting together songs。So naturally the most fun thing was the incorporation of things like our hobbies and roots、and the variation that came with that。
    ──Since you’re all great buddies、the atmosphere when you’re recording must be nice。
    CHARGEEEEEE...:But、we record drums only and bass only individually。
    KOZI:You know how nowawadays、pretty much everyone communicates through email/text。Even though it’s like that nowadays、the basics are done with analog。Because all of us、are surprisingly analog humans。
    YUGAMI:Cause I don’t know much about electronics (laugh)。
    CHARGEEEEEE...:This time、we had an acquaintance record drums for us、and pretty much everything else we made ourselves。
    KOZI:We did what we’re able to、and everything else we entrusted to a pro。Since we can do up to recording。Because I feel even if the sound may be bad we can turn it around make it work。Although when we don’t understand something、we all make a fuss and say things like 「Wah~! Why is it doing this~!!」(laugh)。
    CHARGEEEEEE...:But、we discovered a lot of things didn’t we。
    KOZI:In order for it to not go bad、we have to discover things don’t we。It’d be a series of disasters if we didn’t。

Status Update
Sorry for the delay for the next part of the ZIZ interview.  I was recently handed another manga assignment and I only have about 2 weeks to finish it so all my translating has been focused on that.  It's about 200 pages and I only have about 30 pages done so far, but I'll do my best to finish what I can every day.  In the mean time, if you guys have any requests I can quickly do like a blog entry go ahead and send those my way.

ZIZ Rooftop Interview Part 1
I feel like I've been keeping you guys waiting for a new translation for a little while, so instead of posting this all at once when I'm done I'm gonna go ahead and do it in parts as I finish them.

ZIZ Rooftop Interview

KOZI(XA- VAT/ex.MALICE MIZER), who put a close to his solo activity on 12/23/11 at Meguro Rock May Kan and has been quiet until now, has started a new band! They will be having their first live on 5/29 at Shinjuku LOFT。 They will also be selling their first original work。 We have decided to interview ZIZ about their band and the work they are currently recording。 You’ll be able to see everyone’s individual charm apart from the stage。 (interview: Omota(?) Mami+Shiina Muneyuki(?))

    Your Favorite Member as a Person aside from Technique

    ──Firstly、exactly how did you form ZIZ?
    KOZI:JIRO-san、how was it?
    JIRO:What do you think、Sugiya-san?
    Sugiya:No no(laugh)。
    ──Well isn’t this becoming a roundabout(laugh)。
    CHARGEEEEEE...:At first we were backup members for KOZI’s solo activity、with JIRO-chan、Sugiyan、and I…from~that~! Nee、Kou-chan?
    Sugiya:Making others do it for you, are you!(laugh)
    All:(huge laughter)
    KOZI:About 2 years passed with the 4 of them being part of KOZI solo、but it gradually became awkward to call us just KOZI solo。And that quickly blew up in my head、 so I thought I should try making a proper band。Around that time I met YUGAMI-kun、and we decided to add him、so with this there’s no mistaking that this is going to be an awesome band! Thus、with this kind of timing we thought why don’t we start one。
    ──YUGAMI-san was very much your ideal keyboardist。
    KOZI:Hmm yes that’s right。There’s that、and YUGAMI-kun’s been my acquaintance since not too long ago、while we weren’t working on music、we would drink together。And not just him、his (keyboard) playing and such、there’s that of course、but beside all that I like him as a person。Making music with these kind of people、producing something with them is genuinely fun、and I thought it’s nice。
    ──Did you join without hesitation YUGAMI-san。
    YUGAMI:That’s right。Since they were already good friends of mine。In terms of CHARGEEEEEE...-kun and KOZI-kun、I was performing at 『Komatsu Bara Kouji』 as part of DEAD BY TINZ at the end of last year。
    KOZI:That was when we first produced something together ne。
    YUGAMI:Well、 he was an acquaintance of mine since I was in the band I was in before (Tokyo Kuro)、and I met sugiya-san and JIRO-chan and them、and from then we hung out and got to know each other better ne。
    ──If I had to ask、you could say that this is a band that just had to be ne。
    YUGAMI:We get along waki ai ai* ne(laugh)。[he does a waki ai ai pose while saying this and the other members join in as well]
    Sugiya:Cause、we’re all rascals(?)!(laugh)。
    ──Um…that、is hard to put into words(laugh)。By the way、what does the name ZIZ mean。
    KOZI:What do you think、JIRO-san?
    JIRO:Sugi-yan! What’s the origin?
    ──Is this going to be another roundabout?(laugh)
    Sugiya:If I remember correctly、wasn’t it that it’s read the same forward and backward?
    CHARGEEEEEE...:And that it looks the same right side up and upside down, right?
    KOZI:Like 山本山**?
    Sugiya:A word that anyone can say right now ne(laugh)。
    KOZI:Well、a band’s name is like a symbol isn’t it。There may or may not be a hidden meaning。
    CHARGEEEEEE...:You were saying one word is better ne?
    KOZI:It’s easier to remember if it’s short right? And it’s easy to make the logo。Well, if it’s difficult you can’t really remember it ne(laugh)。
    JIRO:Us for instance(laugh)。
    KOZI:With our band name、we might get tongue tied ne!
    CHARGEEEEEE...:ZIZ is easy to get tongue tied with(laugh)。
    KOZI:Ah、you’re right。There’s nothing but consonants ne(laugh)。

Translator’s Notes:
* Harmoniously
** Not sure if it’s supposed to be read as a name or a phrase

Közi OHP Blog 04/30/12

The 27th was my debut as a D of J。Thank you to those who came。
Well it was fun ne、reallie! Relatively everyone broke into E flavor ne。
Though it’s completely different from a gig so I was nervous。I wanted to go home。
Well we’ll just leave it at it was fun!Will there be a next time、、。

Yeah、there’s going to be a ZIZ interview released on 5/1 in a web magazine called Rooftop。
And、in the printed Rooftop magazine my attractive lady (RaRa-san) has a column
so、you!Check it!

Anyway、dun have any pictures from when I was playing so here’s something。

Közi 2012.04.30
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